Managing Broker

Los Angeles, California, United States


Open Listings is building the future of real estate. We're a fast-growing tech-powered real estate brokerage with tens of thousands of homebuyers throughout California and Washington. We believe that homebuying should be simple and affordable. To accomplish this, we offer a 50% commission rebate and are building the industry's first end-to-end service for buying a home.

Agents play an important role in the Open Listings process; they are laser-focused on critical moments when an experienced professional is needed, such as offer negotiation and resolving escrow issues. We're automating or simplifying the rest with a custom software platform and helping to define new practices for how homes are bought and sold. Never satisfied with the solutions of yesterday, we’re always pushing ourselves to improve the experience for our clients.

Our agent team is responsible for helping the buyers from offer to close, and it's their job to get the offer submitted, accepted, and successfully closed. Our support team and software automatically handles buyer qualification and follow-up. Our philosophy is to serve, not sell, and we expect a similar ethos from our agents.

We’re looking for a licensed broker to help manage, support and grow our core team of in-house agents and manage brokerage day-to-day administration for California. Our agents are among the highest performing in the industry -- our small in-house team is on track to close 300+ transactions this year. Your job will be to oversee the agents, transactions, and ensure that clients have a great experience from offer-to-close.



You have 5+ years experience as a senior agent, team lead, or broker/manager/attorney. You’ve seen everything that can go wrong, and you deeply understand the psychology of homebuyers and how to best assist them.

You're intimately familiar with how a brokerage should be run. This includes regulatory compliance, best practices, and risk management.

You care. You prize yourself on your ability to get deals done, but you care deeply about the client's experience during the process. You are ready to jump in and solve any problem that may arise.

You want to be part of the future. You understand that the real estate industry is changing, and that may mean new roles for agents, new compensation structures, and the ever-increasing role of technology. You're tech savvy; you live on your smartphone and can quickly incorporate new software tools and apps into your workflow.

You love to motivate and drive high-performance. Our philosophy is to serve, not sell, and we expect a similar ethos from our agents. Our agents are dedicated to perfecting their craft, and you’re excited to help them do it through training and leading by example.


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